Your tree, your coffee.
How does it work?
Live the experience of
being a coffee producer in Colombia

We know that coffee is a passion for you, that you love enjoying a good cup of this wonderful drink, with an unmistakable flavor and an aroma that fills you with joy. That is why we invite you to live a unique experience of being a coffee producer in Colombia by adopting a coffee tree for a year and getting to know and participate in the entire coffee process.

Let's start the adoption

Select the number of trees you want to grow.

How do you want your coffee?

Select the way you want to receive the coffee harvested from your tree (green, roasted, ground).

Become a producer

Make the payment and become a coffee producer in Colombia

Name your tree

Give your tree a custom name.

Let's start cultivating

Receive photos, videos and information about the process of growing and harvesting your tree.

Receive and enjoy your coffee

Savor your tree's harvest, anywhere you chose (worldwide shipping).
Our social work
We take care of our farmers and
the growth of the region

Social commitment

7% of each tree adopted is destined to our social work, which includes such things as house improvement programs or Christmas gift giving and celebrations among others.


Respect is the main driver behind all of our activities. In this sense, we carry out responsible management of natural resources including: protection of fauna, soil and water.

Quality production

Experts have rated our coffee as one of the best in the region. We use improved varieties and it is produced at 1,900 meters above sea level, rendering it naturally sweet and fragrant.
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