Coffee bag


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We know you are passionate about coffee and enjoy a good cup, therefore, while you receive the harvest from your tree (and even if you have not adopted one), we want to suggest you the coffee from the Portugal farm, home of Colombia Coffee Tree,

Characterized for being a high-altitude coffee, of extraordinary flavor, fragrance, aroma and balance; with a cup-score over 85 points.

Its quality is a reflection of the effort, dedication and passion that we put into what we do every day.

– Fragrance/Aroma: Sweet, caramel, fruity, sweet aromatics, red fruits, floral, panela, vanilla and berries.
– Flavor: Sweet, fruity, winey, sweet aromatics, red fruits, vanilla, panela, bitter chocolate.
– Residual Flavor: Sweet, delicate.
– Acidity: Citrus.
– Body: Medium, creamy.