Our social work

Social commitment

The Portugal farm, is located in the guayabo village, in the municipality of Santa Bárbara, Antioquia, It has 30 houses where approximately 130 people live. We are the main generators of quality employment in the village, since we comply with all legal requirements and contribute to the development of the community with activities such as: beautification of houses with a plan called Paint your home with Portugal; Christmas gatherings for families in the village, among others. For this purpose, 7% of the value of each tree goes to our social work.


Respect is the main pillar in each of our activities. For this we carry out a responsible management of natural resources: protection of fauna, soil and water. On the farm we have 7 water sources and 3.5 hectares of native forest, duly protected. Also, our good practices allow us to do agriculture free of pesticides.

This value is also transferred to the relationship with employees and their families, which is characterized by a friendly and close treatment.

All this is supported by the certifications that the farm has: Rain forest, UTZ ,, 4C, FLO, cafe practices.

Quality Production

Quality is the main characteristic of our coffee for being produced at 1,900 meters above sea level and using improved varieties. Additionally, we collect each grain manually in order to select only the mature grains and then do an ecological post-harvest process with minimal use of water and drying in the sun. All this in order to obtain a cup of excellent quality, with sweet notes. Experts have rated our coffee as the best quality in the region.

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